No-Shave November: The Benefits of Skipping the Shave

No-shave November No-Shave November is a web-based non-profit dedicated to cancer awareness and prevention. In honor of the hair that so many cancer patients lose, No-Shave November encourages people to let their hair grow naturally. Here’s why you should join No-Shave November this year, as well as what you can benefit from skipping the shave.

How Does No-Shave November Work?

The guidelines of No-Shave November are straightforward: for one month, participants don’t shave and instead contribute the money they would have spent on shaving and personal care products to 501(c)(3) charities that are actively fighting cancer. In the fight against cancer, No-Shavers have raised over $12,000,000 since 2009.

Whether you decide to participate in No-Shave November for philanthropic reasons or simply to stand in solidarity with other No-Shavers, it’s worth knowing that there are some health benefits that come with not shaving.

Benefits of Not Shaving

Reduce Irritation

Shaving causes irritation on the skin, otherwise known as razor burn. This is because when a blade glides over the skin, it may cause tiny tears on the outer layer (epidermis), as well as a loss of moisture and inflammation. In addition, frequent shaving can also cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Prevent Skin Infections

Shaving raises the risk of folliculitis, which is a common skin condition that can lead to various skin infections. Folliculitis happens when hair follicles become blocked and inflamed as a result of friction or shaving. In addition, razor bumps that get infected by bacteria may expand and drain fluid, similar to pimples.

Protect From Sun Damage

Hair serves as a remarkable shield against the harmful effects of ultraviolet A and B (UVA/UVB) radiation. The level of protection is greatly influenced by factors such as hair density, thickness, and the presence of melanin. In particular, this study marks the first-ever quantification of the sun protection factor provided by hair.

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