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What is rhinophyma?

To understand what rhinophyma is, it’s important to first have a basic understanding of rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic disease that affects the skin. The disease is characterized by redness, pimples, and, in advanced stages, thickened skin. When rosacea reaches this advanced stage, rhinophyma may develop. The most common characteristic of rhinophyma is an enlarged, bulbous, and red nose. Rhinophyma is associated with the sebaceous (oil producing) glands beneath the surface of the skin on the nose. The condition is more common in men than women.

What are common rhinophyma symptoms?

Rhinophyma is characterized by an enlarged, bulbous, and red nose resulting from the enlargement of the sebaceous (oil producing) glands beneath the surface of the skin on the nose.

What causes rhinophyma?

Doctors do not know the exact cause of rhinophyma.

How is rhinophyma treated?

Depending on the severity of the rhinophyma, we may begin treatment with topical or oral rosacea medications. Rhinophyma that does not respond to medications may be treated with CO2 laser resurfacing.

If you believe you may have rhinophyma or if you are looking for a dermatology practice that specializes in rhinophyma treatment, please use the form on this page to schedule a consultation at Hollywood Dermatology or visit our contact page for information about our South Florida locations.



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