Earlobe Repair in South Florida

Piercing your ears is extremely common although it does put the earlobes at risk for stretching or possible tearing in the future. There is also the possibility of a benign growth developing at the piercing site called keloid scarring. The earlobes can be covered by long hair, but are often very visible which can make patients self-conscious of tears or stretching. Because of this, we offer earlobe repair to restore the earlobes and provide the ability to wear earrings again.

Is Earlobe Repair A Surgical Procedure?

Earlobe repair is a relatively simple procedure done in our office with local anesthesia with minimal downtime. To allow the lobe of the ear to heal back together, our surgeon will cut away the healed skin on the inside of the long hole or torn earlobe. The fresh edges are then sutured back together and those sutures are removed after 5 days. In the event that you want to re-pierce your ears, we can do that 6 weeks later, to the right or left of the scar. We pay special attention to not pierce the ear at the scar to prevent re-tearing which is why it is important to come back to our office for the piercing.

Is Earlobe Repair Covered By Insurance?

Earlobe repair surgery is not covered by insurance as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. We can discuss the pricing of this procedure during your initial consultation.

Earlobe Injections

In addition to surgical earlobe repair, fillers can be used to rejuvenate the loose skin in this area. At our office, we offer Restylane and Juvederm for this treatment to make the earlobes firm and allow for patients to wear earrings comfortably again.

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