Liquid Rhinoplasty (Non-Surgical) Nose Job in South Florida


Many people aren’t fans of certain aspects of their nose. The bridge could have a bump. One side could have a hollow. That’s why rhinoplasty, nose surgery, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries year in and year out.

But not everyone is interested in having surgery to change their nose. They know rhinoplasty involves significant bruising, swelling, and involved downtime.

That’s why we provide liquid rhinoplasty at our five Hollywood Dermatology locations.

What is liquid rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers or occasionally Botox to change the nose. Of course, the degree of change possible is nowhere near the same as with nose surgery, but for many patients liquid rhinoplasty is sufficient. The process is very simple. Our Hollywood Dermatology board-certified dermatologists use their extensive knowledge of the nose and facial anatomy to place the filler in the areas necessary to even out or build up the nose. The bridge is the primary target of liquid facelifts.

Who is an ideal candidate for liquid rhinoplasty?

Closeup of charming woman getting a liquid rhinoplasty at a clinic. As you would expect, there are limitations to liquid rhinoplasty. These will dictate if this is right for you or not. Liquid rhinoplasty can even out irregularities along the bridge of the nose, make the nose appear straighter, raise the nasal bridge, or hide a dorsal hump (by raising the other parts of the bridge). Fillers can be used to make depressions in the walls of the nose appear flat. Botox can be used to give the nose a more upward point.

But there are limitations, as well. Liquid rhinoplasty cannot address the nostrils. It has only limited ability to change the tip (none if the tip is too bulbous). It cannot address large humps on the bridge. It cannot make overly large noses appear smaller.

If the issues with your nose are primarily centered around the bridge, however, liquid rhinoplasty with our experienced team can be a good option. If you’re interested in possible future actual nose surgery, this can also be a good way to basically “demo” a new nose.

How is liquid rhinoplasty performed?

In these procedures, the patient’s entire nose area is first numbed with local anesthetic. Prior to your procedure, we will have discussed your options for filler choices. We then inject your chosen filler in small amounts to build up the areas needing change. We add volume in small amounts to ensure both safety (in that the filler doesn’t affect blood vessels) and to achieve the right aesthetic balance. The results are instant, so the two of you can discuss how you think the results are looking as the process is proceeding. Liquid rhinoplasty takes less than 30 minutes in most cases.

What changes can be made to the nose with dermal fillers?

Doctor in gloves touching a woman's nose. These procedures can make these improvements:

  • Straighten a slightly crooked nose
  • Increase an overly small nose
  • Hide a small to medium bump on the bridge
  • Hide mild to moderate drooping of the tip
  • Fill dips and hollows on the walls
  • Add contour to the tip
  • Add height to the bridge

What kind of results can I expect from liquid rhinoplasty?

It’s understood that the degree of change that can be made with liquid rhinoplasty versus surgical rhinoplasty is more limited. But if something like a bump on your bridge has always bothered you, liquid rhinoplasty with dermal fillers can change that in just 30 minutes. Your results are tied to the experience of your provider with these procedures. That’s why you can trust the board-certified dermatologists at Hollywood Dermatology to deliver the new nose you’ve been wanting probably for most of your life.

How long do the results of liquid rhinoplasty last?

The volume added with these dermal fillers usually lasts about one year. At that point, if you like the changes, you’ll need to schedule another liquid rhinoplasty procedure with us to maintain them.

What are the benefits of having liquid rhinoplasty versus a surgical rhinoplasty?

The obvious benefit is the ability to avoid nose surgery, which involves a fairly lengthy recovery and enduring swelling. Liquid rhinoplasty with our Hollywood Dermatology team takes less than 30 minutes in most cases. As you would assume, liquid rhinoplasty is also far less expensive than actual surgery, although the results are not permanent (lasting about one year).

We have lots of patients from across South Florida come to us to basically try out a new nose without committing to permanent changes. Plus, if you don’t like how your nose looks with the dermal filler injections, the results can be instantly reversed (for hyaluronic acid-based fillers) with the injection of an enzyme that neutralizes the filler.

Is there recovery after liquid rhinoplasty?

While you may have some minor swelling at the injection sites, there isn’t any recovery or downtime. Your results are immediate, so you can go out and show off your new nose as soon as you leave our offices.

Are there risks associated with liquid rhinoplasty?

Risks involved with these procedures are typically quite low. This is a direct result of the experience of our providers at Hollywood Dermatology. Liquid rhinoplasty isn’t something to have done at a dentist or a med spa. Our dermatologists have the extensive knowledge of facial anatomy necessary to ensure the proper placement of the dermal fillers for these procedures. That’s important with these procedures due to the proximity to the eyes and the many blood vessels present.

The typical side effects include:

  • Bruising at the injection sites
  • Swelling
  • Filler migration
  • Nausea

There is a possibility of these more dangerous complications, but these are very rare:

  • Fever
  • Blurred vision
  • Redness and swelling that spreads and worsens
  • Hives or other allergic reactions
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