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What is the Luminetx VeinViewer®?

The Luminetx VeinViewer® is a cutting-edge tool used to illuminate veins for higher accuracy during vascular procedures. This specialized device allows your dermatologist to see deeper into your body, revealing veins that are otherwise undetectable. This results in higher accuracy and less discomfort for patients undergoing vascular procedures.

Why is the Luminetx VeinViewer® used?

At Hollywood Dermatology, we use the Luminetx Veinviewer® to improve the accuracy and success of the following vascular procedures:

The vein finder can help reduce the number of injections needed for sclerotherapy. It may also be used to help health practitioners see beneath the skin when starting an IV, injecting a medication, or drawing blood.

How does the Luminetx VeinViewer® work?

The Luminetx VeinViewer® works by projecting near-infrared light onto the skin. The light is absorbed by your blood and reflected by surrounding tissues. This image information is then captured and projected in real time on the surface of the skin, revealing veins that are otherwise difficult to view.

At Hollywood Dermatology, your dermatologist may use the vein viewer to illuminate the veins before sclerotherapy and other vascular procedures. With the sharp contrast created by the vein viewer, your doctor will be able to easily identify the vein that needs treatment. The process takes just a few moments and does not cause any discomfort to the skin.

What are the benefits of using Luminetx VeinViewer®?

Using a vein finder during vein procedures at Hollywood Dermatology results in the following benefits:

  • Increased accuracy during vein procedures
  • Improved ability to find veins
  • Reduced discomfort during procedure

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