How Drinking Water Creates Flawless Skin

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Water is essential to your overall health, aiding in a variety of functions including your skin.

Helps delay the appearance of aging

Water keeps your skin moist and delivers essential nutrients to its cells. It also increases the elasticity of your skin tissue, which helps delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gives collagen a boost

Collagen provides a support structure for your skin, helping it to look plump and healthy, but your body makes less of it as you age. Drinking water helps with your body’s production of collagen.

Makes pores less visible

When you stay well hydrated, your skin is plumped up, which reduces the appearance of pores.

Gives your skin a radiant glow

Skin that’s well hydrated has a radiant glow that gives you a healthier, more vibrant appearance. It helps remove toxins from your blood, leaving your skin looking fresher.

You may find that skin issues such as acne and other irritations improve when you drink plenty of water. When your skin is hydrated and elastic, it’s less likely to crack and let in external particles that can cause acne and other skin issues.

How does a lack of water hurt your skin’s appearance?

If you don’t drink enough water, your skin may take on the following characteristics:

  • Dull, lifeless appearance
  • More fine lines and wrinkles
  • More blemishes and other imperfections
  • Pores that look larger
  • A hollow, sunken appearance

What tips can make it easier to drink more water?

Carry a water bottle wherever you go – Keep a water bottle with you at work, while you run errands, and throughout the day. If it’s easily accessible, you’ll get in the habit of keeping well hydrated.

Add some flavor to your water – Add cucumber, lemon, lime, strawberry, or other boosts of flavor.

Drink water at transition times – Up your intake by drinking water when you’re going from one place to another. For example, have a bottle ready to take and drink as you’re leaving work or when you get up in the morning.

Drink before meals – Drinking a glass of water before meals can help increase your intake and also make you less likely to overeat.

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