5 Ways to Lose the Pudge

woman pinching fat The weight loss plateau isn’t new to anyone who’s tried to drop pounds. It’s very common for weight to hang around despite your best efforts.

Count Your Alcohol

A common mistake that many people make is not counting liquid calories, especially those in alcohol. The next time you go out for beers, get one beer, nurse it, and note the calories. That will help stop from ordering too many, and the more alert you remain, the better able you’ll be to stop drinking high-calorie drinks.

Up Your Workout Intensity

A common tactic for breaking through a plateau is to change your workout, but first, you have to be sure your workout is intense to begin with. You should be sweating by the end, feel tired, and see relatively steady gains in your strength or cardiovascular fitness. If you’re not doing much of anything during your workouts, you’re not going to burn enough calories to make a dent in your weight loss.

Try to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your workout regimen. HIIT helps boost your metabolism, continues to burn fat after the completed exercise, builds endurance and burns calories/fat in a shorter amount of time.

Eat More

Take a good look at how much you’re truly eating versus how much you’re working out. Maybe you’re eating what you think is at the low end of a reasonable calorie amount each day, but you’ve got an intense workout routine that requires more fuel. Your body will try to conserve what calories it can, leading to stubborn fat.

Watch Stress and Inflammation

Chronic stress that has you constantly worried or angry leads to an excessive production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol contributes to the development and retention of abdominal fat. By lowering your stress and the cortisol levels, you could find yourself dropping weight with little extra effort.

There’s Always Physical Removal

Of course, a fast way to remove stubborn fat that won’t respond to other tactics is cosmetic removal. Hollywood Dermatology offers services such as body contouring, coolsculpting, and liposuction; enabling you to get the figure you want faster. Contact Hollywood Dermatology to set up a consultation.

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