What Are the Different Types of Acne?

asian woman holding cream jars for acne problemsAcne is a skin condition that affects patients of all ages. There are several different varieties of acne, and each type requires a slightly different treatment approach. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the most common types of acne and discuss some of the best treatment options for treating each type. The doctors at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists in South Florida can educate you further on the variety of acne you have and the best combination of treatments available.

What Are the Different Types of Acne That Can Develop on the Skin?

  • Comedonal acne. This type of acne typically appears as small white or black bumps on the skin, which are caused by clogged pores. The best way to address comedonal acne is to use topical antibiotics or retinoids that help unclog pores and reduce inflammation.
  • Papulopustular acne. Papulopustular acne usually manifests as red pimples with whiteheads or blackheads. The best treatment for this type of acne is to use a combination of topical and oral medications, such as antibiotics, retinoids, and isotretinoin.
  • Nodular or cystic acne. This type of acne results from clogged pores that rupture beneath the skin and cause painful lesions. Unfortunately, there is no single medication that can treat all cases of nodular or cystic acne. In some cases, the doctors at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists of South Florida may recommend an injection with corticosteroids to reduce inflammation before using other treatments.

In addition to these three common types of acne, there are also several less common forms that require specialized treatment approaches. With an evaluation with our team, patients with acne in South Florida can find a way to clear their skin and reduce breakouts.

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If you reside in the area of South Florida and suspect your acne needs additional care versus over-the-counter acne products, you are not alone! Our doctors at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists encourage you to book an appointment at one of our convenient office locations to get a proper diagnosis and to discuss the best treatment option for you. Call 954-961-1200 today to request your visit.

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