How long does a liquid rhinoplasty last?

woman wearing casual clothes pointing with hand finger to face and nosePatients with imperfections in the nasal area may believe the only way to address the cosmetic appearance of their nose and facial balance is with plastic surgery. While a rhinoplasty procedure is an effective way to achieve these changes, it is an invasive and risky procedure. Instead, the team at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists of Southern Florida encourages patients to consider alternative options that do not require surgical intervention. Our team may suggest the benefits of what is known as “liquid rhinoplasty.”

What is liquid rhinoplasty?

The liquid rhinoplasty procedure is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty surgery. It can be used to correct a number of aesthetic concerns, including the size and shape of the nose. This particular treatment is highly desirable for many patients as it is a nonsurgical approach to similar issues that may be addressed with more conventional means such as rhinoplasty procedures.

How is the procedure done?

The procedure is performed using injectable fillers, which are injected into specific areas of the nose in order to add volume or change the shape. Fillers that are commonly used for liquid rhinoplasty include collagen, fat, and hyaluronic acid. The type of dermal filler used will depend on the specific goals of the procedure.

Is the liquid rhinoplasty procedure safe?

Liquid rhinoplasty is generally a safe and effective way to achieve the desired results. The procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting and does not require any downtime. There are minimal side effects associated with liquid rhinoplasty, and these are typically temporary and resolved within a few days or weeks.

Find out if you are a proper candidate for liquid rhinoplasty!

If you are considering liquid rhinoplasty as an alternative to plastic surgery, it is vital that you consult with a qualified and experienced dermatologist at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists who have performed this type of procedure. During your initial consultation, our doctor evaluates your goals and concerns to determine if liquid rhinoplasty is right for you. Call 954-961-1200 to request an upcoming consultation visit with our team to determine if you are a candidate. Our practice has seven office locations throughout Southern Florida and is open to new patients.

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