How many times do you have to do CoolSculpting?

Diet and exercise are the most effective ways of addressing excess fat on the body. However, there are some areas of the body where it is harder to target fat loss than others, especially in the midsection. Weight loss in this area can be difficult, even with targeted exercises such as sit-ups, where results cannot be seen with an extra layer of fat covering these muscles. In situations such as this, patients may want to ask their doctor about the benefits of a noninvasive fat reduction treatment known as CoolSculpting. 

What is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary way for adult men and women to target specific areas of increased fat that are nonresponsive to traditional methods of reduction such as diet and exercise. This treatment utilizes a process known as cryolipolysis which essentially freezes fat cells in the treated area. The body naturally processes these frozen fat cells and removes them through the lymphatic system. The result? A more contoured body without plastic surgery or scarring! 

How many treatments do I need? 

One of the primary questions asked by patients who visit our doctors at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists is, how many times do I have to do CoolSculpting? There is no specific answer as all patients react to the process of cryolipolysis differently. However, our providers have found that most patients will benefit from three to four initial treatments spaced weeks apart, then maintenance treatments done months apart after that. Treatment sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. Results are seen over time as the body flushes out the frozen fat cells, a process that happens naturally. 

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