5 Ways to Treat Oily Skin

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Do you struggle with oily skin?

Oily skin can happen for all kinds of reasons that we have limited control over. Although your skin’s look and feel can change from day to day, there are several ways to combat the oil. Try to add these important tips into your regular routine.

1) Try Blotting Paper for Regular Use

Although there are soaps and creams that claim to help oily skin, most people haven’t heard about blotting paper. As the name suggests, you apply this paper directly to your face to help absorb excess oil. It can be a healthy option because it doesn’t dry out the skin. It only takes about 20 seconds to reduce oil; some papers are even powdered to protect against shine.

2) Use Masks and Clays for Special Occasions

There are many varieties of natural masks and clays that help with oily skin. However, it’s important to use these only once in a while. With regular use, clay can dry out the skin. If you’re concerned about drying, avoid full-face masks. Instead, apply clay directly to the problem areas. These are great for reliable, long-lasting results.

3) Reduce Sun Damage with Oil-Free Sunscreen

Oil-free sunscreen can be useful for multiple reasons. It helps block harmful UV rays, which contribute to long-term skin health. UV radiation from the sun penetrates the skin and leads to damage, resulting in roughness and discoloration. It can also carry moisturizers that will help resist oil and make skin more supple.

4) Scale Back on Makeup

Certain specialized makeup can help with oily skin. However, most makeup is more likely to make the problem worse. Heavy foundation can interact with skin oils to make breakouts more likely – the pores are unable to breathe and become far more likely to get clogged. A mineral powder foundation is often the best bet, since it can absorb excess oil.

5) Adjust Your Diet

Over the long term, diet can have a positive effect on skin health. Which foods are associated with more oil production? Cocktails and spicy foods dilate blood vessels, making perspiration more likely. The mixture of sweat and other skin oils can accelerate breakouts. Carrots, spinach, and cantaloupe can slow down oil production.

If oily skin is severe and persistent, your dermatologist can help with a variety of topical treatments. For more information or to see if the experts at Hollywood Dermatology can help, contact us today.

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