Why Do People Have Birthmarks?

pexels anna nekrashevich 8058450Everyone is unique. We all have certain features that help us stand out from others, whether it’s the color of our eyes or the shape of our ears. This is even true with birthmarks. Birthmarks are areas of pigmentation on the skin that are present at birth, which is how they got their name. They are often benign and just a cosmetic change in the skin, not a serious problem. Birthmarks can be different colors, shapes, sizes, and even be raised or flat. At Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists, we can not only diagnose the type of birthmark present, but help patients address them if they would like them to be less noticeable or fully removed. 

What types of birthmarks are there? 

There are two different categories of birthmarks. The first is a vascular birthmark. When blood vessels form in a different way before birth, it can result in the overgrowth of pigment cells, causing common types of birthmarks such as hemangiomas, port-wine stains, and macular stains. Macular stains might also be called angel kisses, stork bites, or salmon patches. The second type of birthmark is a pigmented birthmark. These include Mongolians spots, moles, and café-au-lait spots. While these are often harmless, patients should pay close attention to their moles. Changes in moles, such as changes in shape, color, size, and border, may indicate the presence of skin cancer and require an evaluation to diagnose. 

How are birthmarks removed? 

Patients with significantly visible birthmarks, such as those on the face or hands, may feel embarrassed by these imperfections on their skin. In situations such as this, patients might be seeking the assistance of a dermatologist to reduce or remove the birthmark. Removal of birthmarks can be done with manual excision, laser therapies, and light treatments, depending on the type and size of the birthmark. 

Are you considering birthmark reduction or removal? 

With seven office locations throughout the state of Florida, patients can work with our team at Hollywood Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists to discuss removal solutions. Call the main office number at (954) 961-1200 to request a consultation visit with one of our providers and find out more about what can be done about birthmarks and other growths found on the skin.    

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